Clean your mind, not our feet: SKA convenor Bezwada Wilson lambasts PM Modi


Coming down heavily upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his act of cleaning feet of sanitation workers in Allahabad on Sunday, Safai Karmachari Andolan National Convenor Bezwada Wilson on Monday said that instead of cleaning feet of sanitation workers he needs to clean his own mind.

“Clean your mind not our feet, Mr. PM! Highest form of humiliation. 1.6 lac women still forced to clean shit, not a single word in five years. What a shame! #StopKillingUs,” Wilson tweeted.

In a series of tweets, the Ramon Magsaysay Award winner lashed out at PM Modi for keeping mum over the death of 105 manual scavengers in 2018.

“105 people killed in sewer and septic tanks in 2018 alone. He kept mum. Now washing feet. Justice not rituals, Mr. PM! #StopKillingUs #ModiKumbhVisit #ModiInKumbh,” he wrote in another tweet.

Wilson also criticised PM Modi for talking of manual scavenging as a “spiritual experience” in his book, Karmayogi.

“In his book, Karmayogi, PM Narendra Modi talks of manual scavenging as a “spiritual experience”. I urge him to ask a manual scavenger if s/he feels even remotely spiritual while cleaning other people’s excreta. #StopKillingUs,”  he tweeted.

“What a pity! As a CM, he spiritualized shit cleaning, now as PM glorifying injustice..this act is against Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s mission – झाडू छोड़ो कलम पकडो #StopKillingUs,” read his another tweet.

According to the data maintained by the SKA, 105 sewer deaths were reported in 2018 and 11 have been reported in 2019 so far.

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